Specialised Project

SIGMA Healthcare
Kemps Creek, NSW

One of the leading names in health care, SIGMA Healthcare recently Australia relocated its NSW headquarters to a new $38.2 million facility at Kemps Creek in May, 2019, to provide the expanded facilities it required to meet the needs of a growing market.


Constructed by Qanstruct, the new facility provides more than 40, 000m2 of space, features an air-conditioned warehouse with full-height Kingspan insulated external wall cladding. Inside, the space is temperature-controlled using a series of 27 Fusion HVAC® roof-mounted packaged air-conditioning units which provide evenly-distributed airflow and precise temperature control – critical to meet the stringent requirements for storage of pharmaceutical products.

These units provided quite a challenge during installation, as their location in the centre of the warehouse roof meant they could not be lifted in via a standard crane due to the distance from the outer wall. Instead, they required specialised handling and installation via Blackhawk helicopter.


For products with even more specialised requirements, the warehouse also incorporates a cool room and freezer, to provide storage to tighter temperature parameters, while a custom-designed vault is available to store high-value pharmaceutical products securely.

Efficiency was the number one priority for SIGMA, and a Knapp OSR Automated Racking System and complementary Knapp Convey Systems in the warehouse have significantly increased the company’s distribution capabilites and lifted overall output by providing a completely automated, end-to-end system. Detailed pre-planning of all electrical and fire services, and close cooperation and coordination with the automation contractor, was critical to achieving the final, compliant design for these operations.

Its sustainable design also features an inground water tank and recycled water system, a 260Kw solar system on the roof, and a sensor-driven, low-energy smart LED lighting system throughout the warehouse.

Recessed loading docks are covered by awnings for all-weather loading and unloading of even the largest B-double trucks on the busy site, which has direct access to the M7 and M4 motorways. The distribution facility is serviced by a contemporary, 1,700m2, glass-fronted office space with indoor and outdoor staff amenities, and also offers ample on-site car parking for the SIGMA team.