The Time is Ripe

In another partnership with property developer Dexus, Qanstruct has completed its latest construction, a Fruit Ripening facility tenanted by Coles, located in Truganina, Victoria.

The 7000m2 office/warehouse space is fitted with an internal lining of insulated panel to allow for temperature control of the ripening rooms and staging areas.
The facility, which will be operated by MacKays Ripening, houses 60 individual air-tight Ripening Rooms, fitted with specialised Ripening equipment, imported from the Netherlands, that will allow Coles to distribute ripe Bananas and Avocados year-round.

The facility will include a Central Ripening System, with continuous ethylene production from one central supply of ‘Ethy-Gen II Ripening Concentrate’ which is required during the ripening process. Qanstruct partnered with Irish specialised contractors Cross Group, leaders in Ripening technology, to deliver the latest ripening technology, which is not yet available in Australia.

The facility contains a double-storey office, double-storey operations-office, a 6400m2 warehouse, two 50,000L rainwater tanks, and a backup generator to allow for 24/7 operation, even during power outages. The entire roof-space has been utilised for the harvesting of sunlight with 600kW solar panels.

This facility has been built following the Green Building Council of Australia’s guidelines to achieve a 5-Star Green-Star Asbuilt rating.

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