The Squeeze on Cold Storage

Montague, the Australian owned fruit specialists, broke ground this week on their new facility located at Lysterfield, Victoria, only a stone’s throw away from their existing facilities.

Montague started out as a family apple tree farm in 1948, building cold storage facilities in the late ’50s to house the apples. Very quickly they realized that they needed additional cold stores for their juicy and flavorsome fruit, which is still in high demand, all around Australia, today.
The new construction will provide Montague with a new packing and sorting facility, a 1000m2 office, a gym, meeting rooms, marketing, and quality assurance spaces, but most importantly this facility will house an Engagement Centre to allow Montague to really align with their core values; culture, family and history.

The Engagement Centre will house a retail space with a kitchen. It will be a place for people to hire bikes to explore the Lysterfield Lake area and come back and enjoy a freshly squeezed juice afterward. Representatives from Montague are proud of their humble beginnings and very excited for what is to come and to share it with their community. 

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