Specialised Project

Isuzu Australia Head Office and Warehouse
Truganina, VIC

Designed to consolidate a range of facilities into one new space, Isuzu is now occupying their new building in the Dexus Industrial Estate in Truganina, Victoria. Isuzu Australia Director and Chief Operating Officer Phil Taylor, said “Bringing all our operations under one roof increases our efficiencies, particularly with parts,”, a real focus for Isuzu, who pride themselves on Customer Service and satisfaction.

Throughout the design process, a heavy emphasis was placed on eco-friend design and as a result, the building incorporates daylight harvesting through an advanced control system to minimise the use of energy from warehouse lighting, low energy consuming L.E.D. light fittings, solar power generation and water harvesting to reduce the overal operating costs for Isuzu. The office design provides a flexible environment for staff to work, incorporating a fully wireless communication system, enabling staff to move throughout the wide variety of task specific works spaces with their technology, to support the collaborative work team culture.

The 24,000m2 building which was completed in February 2018, is located on the corner of Foundation Road and Dohertys Road – a major hub in Victoria for the transport and logistics industry. To support the functional requirements of the Isuzu business, the new building provides:

  • Head Office functions
  • Meeting and conference facilities
  • A showroom space to showcase current, and yester year vehicles
  • A training centre incorporating a mix of lecture and hands-on learning
  • A significant parts warehouse

For Isuzu, this new building provides the business the opportunity to adapt and change to reflect the needs of today, whilst positioning them well for the future through a flexible building design.

In talking about the excitement, he and his team have for the new building, Phil Taylor said “It all starts now”.