International Study Tour with Strong Foundations

The 2020 World of Concrete Exhibition held in Las Vegas, Nevada, has proven to once again exceed expectations.

This year we sent a team of 5 Qanstruct staff members. Director Clem Perin, NSW Construction Manager Damien Burns, NSW Site Manager Matthew Gordon, and VIC Project Managers Graham Dooley and Jack Wright.

“We had a great trip! It was amazing being exposed to industry leaders/professionals in the states. Some of whom had more than 50+ years’ experience and were there purely for their love and interest in concrete technology.
We had a lot of ‘lightbulb moments’ on mix design, effective project & people Management, concrete strengths and weaknesses, moisture in concrete slabs, floor flatness and levelness, and concrete cracking.
We learned a lot of relevant skills that were very pertinent and transferable to the work Qanstruct does daily.” Graham Dooley, Project Manager

At Qanstruct we see the World of Concrete Exhibition as a great way for our staff to expand their knowledge beyond the construction site. We recognize it as an opportunity for our staff to learn about the latest methods and technologies in concreting, for our staff to develop themselves through knowledge and leadership and for us as a company to continue using the best methods available.

“The World of Concrete exhibition offers countless seminars for all those in the construction industry to expand their knowledge of concrete. I learnt about the more technical aspects of concrete, from slump loss and shrinkage calculations to performance-based fibre concrete design specifications and even effective communication tools.” Matthew Gordon, NSW Site Manager

We value the knowledge that we learn at World of Concrete and document our findings to share with all our staff, both site and office so that together we can put our best foot forward when it comes to concrete.

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