Green Star Goals at Qanstruct

Now more than ever, Qanstruct can help customers achieve their sustainability goals throughout the design, construction and fit-out stages of the build.

Today, on International Environment Day 2019, we want to recognise the companies that we work with that are passionate about reducing their environmental footprint, building sustainably and learning how to provide an innovative and eco-friendly workplace for their staff. Full of good intentions but unsure where to begin is where Qanstruct steps in to help them achieve their eco-goals.

Thanks to the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) there are a set of nationally recognised guidelines and awards (Green Star ratings) available to companies that wish to reduce their impact and build a better future.

As members of the GBCA Qanstruct has the ability to help our customers accomplish Green Star Ratings by meeting the requirements in the following nine categories.

  • Indoor environment quality
  • energy
  • transport
  • water
  • materials
  • emissions
  • innovation and land use/ecological

The purpose of these categories is to hold companies to a high environmental standard through all the stages of design and construction. The result is that buildings are delivered with lower carbon footprints and lower ongoing operational costs.

Green Star buildings:

  • produce 62% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than average Australian buildings
  • use 66% less electricity than average Australian buildings
  • consume 51% less potable water than minimum industry standards
  • recycle 96% of their construction and demolition waste


Qanstruct has had the privilege of building three Green Star Rated facilities for companies that share our core values for sustainability, those being Schneider Electrics, Kathmandu and Toshiba. With another two facilities currently under construction for Amer Sports and Coles, Qanstruct is continuing our commitment to deliver Green Star ratings for both Office and Industrial Buildings.

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