Australian Customs Moves into New Training Facility

Australia is a world leader in the breeding and training of detector dogs, and this new facility is one of only a handful of its kind worldwide.

Set on 8.9 hectares at Bulla in Melbourne’s North, this highly specialised project brings Customs’ National Detector Dog Training Program and National Breeding and Development Centre under one roof.

As well as dog kennels and day runs where the Labradors are raised, the complex also includes a ‘kennel support hub’ with veterinarian facilities, realistic models of both residential houses and airport baggage handling areas where dogs and handlers can be trained, and a 1,600 sqm administration area.

This unique project presented a number of challenges to ensure the very specific requirements of the project were met, and Qanstruct collaborated closely with the team at Australian Customs to ensure a successful outcome.

“We had a particular view on the design of this facility, but Qanstruct helped us explore concepts we had not previously considered,” says Glenn Scutts, Director of the Detector Dog Program.

“For example, a new, streamlined corralling process for the movement of dogs from their kennels to the day runs, was developed during the design phase based on input from Qanstruct, using their experience with projects involving rural animal movements. This has turned a labour-intensive process into a far easier and faster task. Their knowledge of industrial design also informed the choice of innovative, high quality materials.

“The complexity of the task was enormous, but what Qanstruct has delivered is exceptional. We are very pleased and proud of our new, high-end facility which we are confident equips  well to meet our domestic and international obligations for at least the next 15 years.”

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